Acacia Center
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Reading, Writing, Math and Speech Intervention

The Acacia Center is a nonprofit organization that provides reading and writing intervention and support services for individuals at any age. We teach our students in a one-on-one setting using the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach–a prescriptive, multisensory, sequential, and proven way to equip individuals with proficient language skills. The Acacia Center also offers remedial math and speech pathology services. Founders Mary Ellen Locke and Jane Pfautsch are highly trained and experienced OG practitioners who hold a number of certifications, including TESOL and in Autism Spectrum Disorders, and are licensed as Intervention Specialists with the State of Ohio. 

Founded in 2012, the Acacia Center is headquartered in Granville, Ohio with offices in Worthington, Ohio and Coshocton, Ohio.




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Mary Ellen Locke
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With the right tools, education, and support, language difficulties caused by dyslexia can be overcome.



Helping a child with autism achieve her language goals can be a journey full of challenges and hope. We are here to help your child thrive.



Let us help your child grow and gain opportunities as an English language learner.



A child with reading challenges is a child we can help thrive. Let us help turn reading from a challenge into an adventure.


Individualized Education Plans

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is a written document intended to help children reach specific education goals that may otherwise be difficult to attain. Each IEP must be designed for one student and must be a truly individualized document. The IEP creates an opportunity for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel and students (when appropriate) to work together to improve academic, behavioral and social skills that apply to the needs of the individual child. To obtain an IEP, your child must first be identified for special educational services and from there, a multi-step process begins that will ensure your child receives the appropriate services and support needed to succeed.

At the Acacia Center, we believe that a well-formed and highly individualized IEP can be the start of a successful journey to reading comprehension and writing proficiency. We will work with you to build an IEP that meets your child’s specific needs and is geared toward her success.