Great educators, in my language, are ‘learning activists’ they are activists whose activism is focused on helping children learn their way into a life of greater opportunities. Jane Pfautsch and Mary Ellen Locke are a great educators.

David Boulton, Learning Activist and Creator of the Children of the Code Project

Jane Pfautsch adamantly believes that all children can and should be given every opportunity to maximize their abilities and that it is the responsibility of the educational community to make sure that all children succeed, especially those that can succeed with additional help. They have continually sought additional education and certifications during summer breaks that improve their skills. The teachers at Acacia Center are those rare teachers that I wish I could clone and make available to every child I serve.

Diane Kabbes, Former Superintendent, Champaign County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Before my son began tutoring with Jane Pfautsch, Dr. Dorothy Morrison at The Ohio State University performed some baseline testing on Noah and concurred that my 15 year old son was indeed reading at a 2nd grade level. After four months of instruction, post testing was then performed and the results were amazing. He exceeded expectations and his post test scores were dramatic. He has had countless teachers attempting to deliver the same type intervention without success. When asked how my son has made such remarkable progress in such a short period of time, I of course mention his hard work, but the Acacia Center has really been the key to his success.

Joan Johnson, parent

When we moved to the Granville School District we were extremely nervous. Our son was entering sixth grade and we did not know about the ESL program. Mary Ellen Locke identified him right away and explained to us why he was struggling with full comprehension of the English language even though he had been here since he was four years old. After working with our child that year and future years, he was able to complete the school work and testing needed for his high school graduation. Jane Pfautsch was able to work with him his last year in high school. These two individuals were to key to getting my son through sixth grade to graduation. He is now a college student and carrying a B average. We have been so grateful for two individuals who actually understand LEP/ESL learning and the steps that need to take place for these children to become proficient in the English language.

—Stephanie Agosta, parent

Wanted to thank you and Jane again. This upcoming Friday Pasha graduates with his associates degree and then takes off for Colorado to work on his four year degree. I cannot tell you how proud I am of his resiliency, but I am more than grateful to what you achieved with him because of your abilities and your big heart. We can never thank you enough Mary Ellen.

—Stephanie and Dave Agosta, parents

Our daughter enjoys learning from and spending time with Mary Ellen. She has created an atmosphere conducive to studying in a relaxed and friendly environment. Her reading skills and confidence have much improved. She may actually begin to enjoy picking up a book!

When my son left kindergarten he could only recognize the letters in his name and the first four letters in the alphabet. After only a few sessions with Mary Ellen, he was sounding out three-letter words. It was amazing! In one summer, she completely turned him around and now in second grade, he is reading on a fourth grade reading level! I can never express how grateful I am to Mary Ellen for teaching him to read in a way that he was able to learn!

Jani Woolard, parent

My daughter had struggled with reading and reading comprehension for years. In the past two years, Mary Ellen and the Acacia Center have taught Emily a new set of skills to help her succeed in her regular school setting. She is more confident and has made the National Junior Honor Society. Are we done…no. We still have more tools to put in the toolbox, and you can bet Acacia and Mary Ellen will be with us.

Mary Ellen has been a godsend to our fourth grader. When our school said they didn’t know how to help her anymore, Mary Ellen stepped in and knew exactly what to do. Her expertise and knowledge has enabled Cassidy to actually learn the letters and sounds that she hadn’t been able to grasp prior. She has definitely become much more confident in her reading and spelling.

Linda Robison, parent

For the first time in his eight-year-old life, my son wanted to read to me on his own will! Mrs. Locke is doing amazing things with my son! Truly feels like a miracle.

Tiffany Bafford, parent

I can’t thank enough the Acacia Reading Program for helping my son learn to read.
My son was very far behind in his reading skills four months ago but now has
caught up with his first grade classmates. His speech has additionally
improved due to the Acacia program. A special thanks to Jane, his instructor, who has done
a wonderful job working with my son. Thanks Acacia!!! Would recommend your
program to EVERYONE!!!

Jeanette Perlick, parent