Dyslexia Services

Dyslexia Services

With the right tools, education, and support, language difficulties caused by dyslexia can be overcome.

Getting Started

We begin with a simple question: what brought you here? The signs of dyslexia will manifest differently from person to person, but it’s likely that you have noticed difficulty with spelling, word recognition, or trouble understanding the meaning of words and sentences. Perhaps your child has actually received a diagnosis of dyslexia. We are here to help.

Our Approach

At the Acacia Center, our practices are firmly rooted in the Orton Gillingham Approach. Our practitioners have a combined forty-five years of experience in the field of literacy education. Throughout our time in the field, our research and practice have led us to believe that the Orton Gillingham Approach is the best method for helping children with dyslexia gain competence, and confidence in their mastery of language skills.

Step One

We begin by assessing strengths and weaknesses in areas such as reading comprehension, general understanding of sounds, and the ability to rapidly recall information. We look at pre-existing disabilities and diagnoses and gather a history of triumphs and difficulties in the learning process. This initial assessment gives us a good understanding of where we need to begin our journey together.

Empowering You

In everything we do, we strive to empower you and your family as you navigate the landscape of rights, responsibilities, and resources. We are familiar with not just the practice of literacy education, but also the policy that undergirds it. We can help you understand what accommodations and modifications may be available to your family and serve as companions to you on your journey.

The Next Step

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