The Acacia Center for Reading and Writing Intervention

The Acacia Center provides reading support services by accredited, highly qualified reading specialists, each with over 20 years of experience. The education we provide is goal-oriented and tailored to the needs of each individual with whom we work. We specialize in creating unique and outcome-oriented educational plans for English language learners, students with dyslexia and autism, and those with more general at-risk reading styles. Whatever the barrier may be to your child’s reading comprehension and writing proficiency, the Acacia Center can help.


With the right tools, education, and support, language difficulties caused by dyslexia can be overcome.

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Helping a child with autism achieve her language goals can be a journey full of challenges and hope. We are here to help your child thrive.

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English Language Learners

Let us help your child grow and gain opportunities as an English language learner.

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At-risk Students

A child with reading challenges is a child we can help thrive. Let us help turn reading from a challenge into an adventure.

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